Monday, June 22, 2009

hi again!!!!

Its Alisha again! You know its summer and its hot and that is when the Gypsy Girls love to get out and have some fun!!! They don't call us Gypsy's for nothin-LOL! Well I hope you guys know that I am the guru of the future at Wimpychompers Creations...yep that's right I have my Crystal Ball in front of me and its smokin hot today! Ready to see what she has in store for you??? Well here you's in the stores today...its packed full of fun stuff...its great for all those picnics, reunions, bbq's, upcoming holidays...I see...I see....the FAMILY REUNION kit at Sunshine Studio! Come on guys you know you need this kit. Look at all the stuff upcoming and past...July 4th, Fathers Day, and all those reunions! Also attached is my layout using this awesome kit. My little man is such the piggy-LOL! Anyway guys go check it out and don't forget the other layouts from our Gypsy Girls in the Gallery! Wait a Crystal Ball is smoking again...uh-oh....seems Wimpychompers is on vacation this week and oh...she won't like what some of the Gypsies are doing while she's gone...hehe...check back tomorrow to see what trouble we'll be getting into....

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  1. I just love this page, it makes me smile everytime I see it!!